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Terms and conditions

1. We have been appointed by the Federal Tax Authority as the operator of the tourist Tax Refund Scheme (TRS) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which allows overseas tourists to obtain a VAT refund in respect of the goods purchased by them during their stay in the UAE in accordance with the laws of the UAE. In order to provide the TRS we must gather certain information from overseas tourists.


2. We ask for your personal information because it is necessary in order to facilitate your VAT refund. We may share your information for legal and regulatory reasons, with our group companies, the retailer, government departments and/or tax and customs authorities in order to facilitate your VAT refund. You consent to us or government departments and /or tax and customs authorities contacting you to obtain your feedback on your
tourist refund experience.

Please visit for our full privacy policy. 

3. You must comply with all regulations applicable to the TRS and as described by us.

4. You cannot receive a VAT refund unless the tax invoice (with an eTax Free tag affixed) received from a retailer registered with Planet, is successfully export validated. You are solely responsible for obtaining such export validation. If documentation is lost, it is your responsibility to provide any replacements necessary should any dispute arise. We endeavour to process your refund as soon as possible; however, we are not liable if a delay occurs.

5. You must be eligible to use the TRS in accordance with the applicable rules. There are significant penalties for false declarations. You must confirm to us that your details are correct and you must comply with all applicable rules in the UAE. We may require additional information to support the claim in certain circumstances. Where we suspect that a fraud or attempted fraud is being perpetrated we reserve the right to decline the refund claim.

6. Should you have any issue with the goods you have purchased, you must raise this issue directly with the retailer. Their policies in relation to returning goods will apply to you. 

7. In providing the TRS, we will charge you a processing fee for each transaction. This processing fee varies depending on the amount you have spent. By submitting the Sales Receipt for a VAT refund and/or using the TRS, you agree that a processing fee can be deducted from your VAT refund. 

8. The right to receive a VAT refund (and our documentation or Sales Receipts) cannot be assigned to any other tax free service provider.

9. Goods must be exported by you within 90 days of the purchase date.

You must leave the UAE within 6 hours of completing the validation process. Failure to do so will result in your refund being cancelled, and you will be required to restart the validation process.

10. VAT refunds processed by Planet to your credit/debit card will normally be credited in your card's currency. Your card issuing company or bank determines the foreign exchange rate to be applied on your VAT refund and Planet has no control over this rate.

11. You can claim your VAT refund in cash in your preferred currency, if the refund point you selected offers it. Our refund partners determine the foreign exchange rate to be applied on your VAT refund and Planet has no control over this rate.

12. Jurisdiction and country specific rules may apply. Where these apply they are outlined in the 'Local Rules' section of this website. You are responsible for complying with these rules. 

13. Returns are allowed before the Tax Free Tag has been validated at the point of exit (the merchant will have to void the Tax Free Tag following Planet's procedures). Returns are not allowed after the tourist has validated the Tax Free Tag at the point of exit from the UAE.