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Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to join the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) with Planet Tax Free?
Any Retailer Merchant registered with FTA with up-to-date VAT filings, who sells eligible goods to tourists which can be exported with them at the time of their departure from the UAE.
No services are eligible for a VAT refund. All goods outside of F&B are eligible as long as they remain in their original packaging and are not fully or partially consumed. Goods must be physically present with the tourist when leaving the country. Shipped or couriered goods will not be eligible for VAT refunds.
No. The services provided by Planet are at no cost to the merchants; however, they are required to submit a form of collateral (such as a security cheque, bank guarantee, etc.) in favor of Planet Tax Free LLC at the time of registration. The amount of collateral will be decided by Planet based on its assessment of the merchant’s profile.
You may contact us via email at, or alternatively you may call our Customer Happiness Centre on +971 4 586 4700 between 9AM and 12AM.
After you have completed your initial registration application, you will be sent a link to the registered email address. Click on this link to make changes or amendments to your registration after you have submitted it. Alternatively, you may reach out to mentioning your TRN number for further assistance.
After successfully uploading all documents, Planet will run an AECB Credit Check and thereafter, seek FTA approval. The process will take 3 to 5 working days after we have obtained FTA’s approval to register your TRN for the TRS.
In the absence of a signatory, any individual with authorized Power Of Attorney can sign on his/her behalf. You will need to upload the POA duly stamped by Dubai Courts or the relevant authorities in UAE.
Planet would investigate this on a case-to-case basis and look at payment trends and default reasons to see if the merchant has taken action to improve their standing and inform the merchant of the outcome.
Please notify Planet as soon as return is filed with FTA and your registration will be re-sent for approval.
Merchant has to provide proof of clearance of outstanding (VAT payments as well as penalties, if any) with FTA and request to seek approval from FTA for registration once again.
As you are aware, Planet Tax Free LLC honors the VAT refund claims made by your customers after which such transactions are invoiced to you in the relevant billing cycle. As a result, such advance payments may be considered as a form of credit extended to you by Planet Tax Free LLC, albeit for a short duration. The requirement of an undated security cheque or bank guarantee made out to Planet Tax Free LLC which will be held as collateral against such a credit facility.
In case you wish to cancel your registration, please send an email to mentioning your TRN number in the subject for further assistance on cancellation.
You will receive an official notification on your registered email address upon a successful registration.
For every refund paid to tourists, Planet Tax Free LLC will invoice your registered TRN for the relevant VAT amount(s) which is to be paid to Planet. All unclaimed VAT refunds will be paid to FTA.
Planet will send you invoices every fifteen days for every processed refund. Due date is 15 days from the invoice generation date.
A welcome kit will be provided for each of your registered stores. On successful registration, an online training link is shared for each store that explains the VAT refund process.
Once you have successfully completed the online training and still wish to receive an in- store training, you may fill in the online form requesting for real time training or alternatively, you may contact our Customer Happiness Centre who will forward your request to the relevant team.
Yes, if the store is registered under the same TRN you may send a request to along with a copy of the trade license(s) of the store(s) you wish to add.
A fully digitized solution that integrates the merchants till system and database with Planet’s Tax-Free system for a fast, paperless tax free transaction ensuring minimal disruption and increased convenience for store staff and tourists.
Customers can enjoy a swift and accurate tax free shopping journey, decreased queue times at Planet validation points and decreased instances of rejected VAT refunds due to data entry errors.
You will benefit from minimized fraud and issuance related errors, a fully digitized system removing the need for manual entries and reducing the burden of printing paper tax invoices.
Digitizing aligns with global environmental initiatives of reducing paper and waste. This is also locally aligned with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 plan through reducing carbon footprint and even more specifically, makes the UAE the 1st paperless tax free shopping market in world.
Planet offers their technical support and consultation free of charge as part of their commitment to digital transformation. However, any POS system provider costs shall be managed by the merchant.
Planet will extend its support to you throughout the integration process, though there may be aspects of the process that we cannot help with. In those cases, we encourage you to reach out to your till provider for assistance.
It is entirely dependent on the time taken by the merchant or the merchant’s technical teams to complete the integration.
Of course!
Only if the customer requests one or it is needed for other purposes outside of tax refunds.
Planet will provide technical documentation and test environment access. Then, the merchants till provider or technical teams commence the integration process and testing. Once you are satisfied, you will need to conduct one final testing phase with Planet in the production environment. Before going live, Planet will conduct training sessions with your staff, after which you are ready to go live.
You may continue use the integration process and once your internet service has resumed, Planet‘s system will run the tag issuance requests through ICA eligibility and issue them (if the customer is eligibile).